Ozone mastering plugin keeps being forgotten when rendering

The amount of irritating bugs in Renoise is growing…

As and old programmer, i know why… you simply add too many things, and the usual style is “what a great idea” = add whatever… no good

Anyhow, since version 3x came, Ozone keeps having no effect, when i render the final wav… its a shit…

I have to remove it, and my settings i made, save tune, restart renoise, add ozone again, and hope it works next time.

So, you have to look at the DSP effects… something goes wrong there…

It never happened with any VST instrument!



…you simply add too many things…


Ozone keeps having no effect

Which exact version of Ozone? Version X.Y, 32-bit, 64-bit, etc?

Renoise 32-bit or 64-bit?

Running with plugin sandboxing enabled all the time (Prefs > Plug/Misc), or only when needed (ie. 32-bit VST in 64-bit Renoise)?

Does this really only happen in Renoise 3? It has never happened before in Renoise 2.8 and older?

Did you already try experimenting with the plugin compatibility settings like static buffers, auto-suspend, etc?

Can you share a simple XRNS song which reliably recreate the problem, so that we can try to test it ourselves with your exact settings?

Any other information you can think of that may be useful? Recent updates to your system, anything like that?

Finally, can you send us your Renoise “Log.txt” file for inspection? Main menu > Help > Show the Log File…

i use 64 bit, and the vst if there is a 64 bit version.

i didnt have much problems with vst.

cant recreate it, happens random, but often…

i asume, the master channel is the last one processed… so look there, coz: ask yourself, how come master channel effects are active when working, but fail when render whole tune to disk occurs. then whatever plug it is, dont matter. if they fail, they are buggy. if ozone failed, it would have done so when “live”.

all you have to do is examine the render function, what can cause an IRQ to stop, or similar. no ?

anyway, using ozone 5 and will stay on that.

got no problem in 2.1-2.5 - seems that 2.7 started the issue

i dont believe tha tozone irq stops. i believe that the render to disk is loosing maybe a pointer, or fails to some index you might have to, the effect chain. eventually ending in master…

Log file, hmm no attach…

here we go:


lets please get rid of the issue, what version people are using. 32 or 64 bit.

as a ground rule, 32 bit hosts can trun 64 bit plugs, so skip that.

as a ground rule, a 64 bit host should be able to run everything. it has support for all earlier VST versions, and these all once used to work.

so as a ground rule, we can skip these question. renoise 64 must run everything, like it used to.

obviously people using 32 bit, will have to be missing out on the 64 bit world