Padlock Live At 11Th Annual Deland Original Music Festival

Yo. Here’s the video of my entire live set from this year’s Deland Original Music Festival in Downtown DeLand, Florida on November 5th 2011. Most tracks are mine, exceptions for 4 of them (Unknown Track from Killy123 EP by Drop The Lime, Police Rave Station by Ecchi Chan, Mannequin I’d Like to Fuck by Alpha Rabbit, and music by weyheyhey !!). All of MY tracks are made in Renoise, and this set is done in Ableton using my MPK25 and BCF2000 as controllers. Here’s the video.

Yes, the stage host accidentally unplugged the mixer during the most crowded part of my set. Was definitely a bummer, but we recovered fast. I really had o right to be mad, since this guy was letting me cut into HIS set time to play, since my original scheduled stage had it’s PAs pulled out by the host due to rain for most of the day.

If anyone wants a full tracklist, just ask. Most of them are unreleased WIP tunes. My first EP is coming out soon though.