PadSynth-esque Waveforms/samples

Hello everyone, I was recently playing around with a synth that had some very nice pad samples on it, and I was looking for more to download, but I don’t what they’re called.

What I’m looking for are samples similar to the ones generated by the padsynth tool: Around 1-2 seconds in length, looping perfectly, and with no “preamble” before the looped section. (because I’m too lazy to hunt for the perfect loop points, and the cross-fade function is a pain to use without causing phase cancellation.)

Does anyone know what to call these? Any archives I could download?

(edit: Here’s an example ripped straight outta orange vocoder)

well i’d think crossfade looping is how you usually get that kind of sounds… dont see why it would cause phase cancellation really. you can get tons of similar samples using paulstretch + crossfade loop in renoise. ping pong looping should also give similar results.

another alternative is using the warp in ableton. you can quickly get nice loops with it. if you are familiar with ableton this vid here shows that kind of stuff:

hope this helps.