Padsynth tool - how do I use it once installed?

Hey all, total newbie to Renoise here.

Just got it yesterday and I also really wanted to try Padsynth so I installed my new Renoise 3.1 64bit and downloaded the 3.1 compatible Padsynth .xrnx.

I dragged the Padsynth .xrnx onto the Renoise window and a dialogue flashed up saying the script is installed successfully.

But when I click on the tools menu dropdown it just shows one option which is the “Tools Browser” and this only seems to provide version info and other such meta data.

How do I actually get Padsynth to run?

Right click on a slot in the instrument list on the top right and you should see an entry for it, just select it and the instrument should pop up.

Awesome! Thanks so much for the tip :slight_smile: