Pan On Mono Made Tracks


I read that making your beats mono could give them more punch, this I’d wanted to try, but insted of converting my beats I downloaded a vst that converts stereo to mono, and yes I think it gives a little more punch, no idea way… The next thing I noticed was that my panning automation did not work anymore, well it does the pan but its only heard as decrease in volume, is there a way to still make pannings without converting all samples to mono one by one?



you could add a Gainer at the end of your DSP chain (behind the monofying vst). Then you map your panning automations to the Gainer’s pan. That’s all.

Sidenote: Instead of using a VST that converts stereo to mono, you could add a StereoExpander to the DSP chain and shrink the stereo image to mono. This will do just the same.

nice…thanx for the tip

There’s post-effect panning too, which on the downside cannot be automated and is pretty useless if you use send tracks for grouping.