Panic Button Does Not Reduce Cpu Usage?

Panic button does not reduce CPU usage?

The red midi light at the top bar blinks when you press the Panic button but the CPU usage will not go down? i remember this was the case when pressing the Panic button a few times.

Down to which value? Do you expect a 0.0% CPU usage then? Also note that as soon as you have for example an LFO routed to a VST(i), the LFO will “wake up” the VST again shortly aftr the panic, so this is expected then…

sometimes i use it if my cpu usage is a bit too much (80+ %) when using alot of vsti. but in Renoise 2.0.0 it seems to go down slower with the cpu usage then 1.9.1.

Renoise 1.9.1 always is idle at 0 - 1% here after using Panic button. But Renoise 2.0.0 is at 1.7% idle. While starting the apps they are both 0% - 1% usage.

and i barely use LFO.

So it seems that Renoise 2.0.0 doesnt go down to its original “idle” cpu-usage after using the Panic button. While 1.9.1 does.

Well, if its just about the 0.7 %, then I think we can ignore this, can’t we? If its not or its something else, could you prepare a small demonstration song and upload / attach it?

Well yes it can be ignore tbh. Its not like a big issue or anything, just something i noticed :)

But wasn’t it in the older versions of Renoise that the panic button actually stopped all the calculations of the CPU immediately? Sometimes hearing a “pop” sound when clicking on it.