Panning: 0R And 0L

Panning controls will go from ‘Center’ [sic] to ‘0R’ or ‘0L’ when dragged with the mouse, but will go straight to ‘1R’ or ‘1L’ when nudged along by clicking the arrows next to the slider.

Do 0R and 0L have any actual effect on panning? If not, could they be removed so that everything’s consistent? Not absolutely sure if it’s a bug, but it definitely bugs me, so here we are :)

Panning and mouse dragging has internally a higher precision than ± 50, thats why the ±0LR show up. Is this really a problem or “malfunction”?

It’s an inconsistency, so I was wondering if there’s any associated audible difference - i.e. whether or not 0L and 0R actually have an effect on panning. If there isn’t a difference, and it’s just an aesthetic thing that’s an artifact of the input method, then I’m happy; it’s neither a malfunction nor a problem :)

Just something that I kept meaning to bring up and kept forgetting to…