Panning Column Vs Effect Command Behavior

Are the pan-column and the pan-command (08xx) supposed to behave the same?

If so, how come the pan-slide* doesn’t move with change in the pan-column but does with the pan-command? Or is this behaviour intentional? The sound changes from left to right with both, but slide doesn’t.

*on the lower left side to the right of the Track DSPs.

Downloadable example: Pandemi.xrns

Pan colums control the pan of the particular note, the track effect controls the track’s global pre-pan. So no they aren’t supposed to behave the same.


The 08xx command controls the panning of the entire track, whereas the panning column only affects whatever instrument/note is linked to that particular event.

your question makes me think you don’t know that you can have more than one note column on the same track. read here

Ooooh! I see!

Always thought they were eachothers exact equivalences. Therefore, something fishy was going on, but they control each note or a track respectively.

Gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up. :)