Panning Notes (Ability To Set Curve)

Is it possible to set panning curve for notes?

i want set something like this for example

note c3 (panning 50L)
note c4 (no mod panning)
note c5 (panning 50R)

i want to have 2 new options (that affect all samples in instrument)

  1. what key is the center (no panning mod for this key)
  2. and how deep notes will be panning and curve
    it should be precise, 128 values, like midi pan

what do you think about this feature?
it will be great for solos or melodic arrpegios, or pianos

You could do this with the key-tracking metadevice controlling the track/gainer/synth pan.

that’s the only way I can think if it working really.

oh, great :) i did not know about this device :)
but… it works not so good

i mean its works bad :)

this device changes panning of old notes when you play new note
because it changes panning of channel, not notes

try this playing piano sample… or HARP
it sound very very bad, unnatural,

sound of one key should stay in their pan position till end!
it should not change everytime when you play next note

second problem is panning for accords

is it not possible to set different pannings for different notes in accord

so my idea will be better i think, it will be like setting in some hardware midi modules

it gives better stereo in some cases


please please think about this feature :)

What is wrong with setting values in the panning column?
Yes, it is some typing work at first, but with the advanced edit you can copy pan-column only values to other chords if you desire.

Or if you want to pan on sample level (Like your piano), what is wrong with the panning option there?

it’s noting wrong, i can set pans for individual notes


please think, why in hardware modules is that ability?? when you can just set individual midi pan for every note??

much easier is type notes and not care about seting individal pans for every note (low and hi) when you want use full scale of panorama

it is very hard assign pan values for 30 notes of harp sound (for example), and write it manualy