Panning Of Vsti And Midi Notes

When I try to change the panning of a note in a panning column, that only works for a sampler, not VSTi and MIDI instruments.

Is there a way to change the panning of VSTi events (i.e. drum synthesizer)? Of course, not globally.

you could try it with the ccd meta device. this can be very different on different vsti´s.
NI Kontakt allows to assing any ccd # to any knob, so you can bind your own ccs to paning.
Single notes form a chord are not that easy to control. I think you have to multiple your vsti´s.
The simple way to control paning is a automation on the pan-Slider.
When you´re using a dsp with mono output use a gainer after it and a automation on gainer´s pan.

did I miss something ?

Okay, I’ll try that