Panning Option For Send Device

Would be nice to be able to adjust the panning with send device.
Now you have to add gainer every time you are using vocoder or some other vst with two inputs and gainer destroys the data from the other channel.

check out stereo expander.

huh? how is that better than using a gain device?

You clearly didn’t understand at all.
Stereo expander doesn’t pan anything in just left or right.

The gain device works, but only in case you don’t need the other channel data anymore.

Let’s say I have a vocal sample playing in channel 1, bass sound playing in channel 2 and in send 1 vocoder which takes left channel as carrier and right as modulator.
I have to put gain device before send devices on channel 1 and 2 to pan the sound and after that I’ve lost the other stereo channel, so I cannot for example use the same bass sound after the send device, because it’s now panned to right.

I understand your original problem and agree that more control over sends would be nice.

But here’s what I usually do in this situation:

Track 1 containing vocal samples > Send Device routed to Send Track 1
Track 2 containing bass/synth sounds > Send Device routed to Send Track 2 with Keep Source enabled

Send Track 1 is panned hard left > Send device routed to Send Track 3
Send Track 2 is panned hard right > Send device routed to Send Track 3

Send Track 3 contains the vocoder (usually MDA:Talkbox)

Now I have my vocoded sounds playing on Send Track 3, with my original bass/synth sounds playing on Track 2. Both sounds are isolated and I can do further processing to them if I wish.