Panning Question

Does Renoise supports any from panning laws? I read the documentation and found no mention of this.

What is a panning law? Is it just panning? If so, check out:

Panning Column:
It’s a column in the pattern editor.

Pre Mixer:
This is a device located on every track. Panning can be automated. Look for TrackPanVol in the Automation tab.

Hope this helps.

Essentially, if you pan a stereo signal to the left or right, then the gain should be compensated to maintain the perceived loudness.

Renoise does support this to some degree. If you pan a track hard left or hard right, then you can see that the overall amplitude is boosted accordingly:

Thanks dblue. This is exactly what I mean.
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Oh! I didnt know about panning law, but i found on my own expirience thats stereo expander can compensate the difference between hard panned sound and sound on the middle )


I want to reanimate this old thread for a question about pan laws. There is no stereo pan law in Renoise with a center and a width knob like in Reason. In Reaper I can switch from “normal” pan law to stereo or dual. In addition Reason and Reaper have nice tools like the Stereo Imager and the Stereo Enhancer, both with 2 bands and seperate width control. So I want to ask, if there are VST tools like this, which can be used in Renoise?

I’m new to Renoise and a long time Reason user. Actually, for me the Stereo Imager is nearly as important as EQs for sound shaping, because I work a lot with loops and samples, which are often very wide and I need to flatten the sound.

Any hint would be welcome!


Theoretically, “with Renoise’s dsp multi-band send device, and dsp stereo expander, you should be able to get 3 bands of the native tools.” And you have unlimited sends… Type, “expander,” and, “send,” to pull these tools up in the fx box, in the lower left hand corner of your screen.

This is kind of verified by the fact that 2 speakers emitting the same (or similar) sound signal will be perceived as between 1.3 and 1.5 times louder than just one, depending on exact placement relative to the listener, room acoustics, etc… even if twice more energy (both electric and physical) is used to generate the sound.

It would be nice if we had some pan law options like in Reaper. From memory this has been suggested before in the I&S forum.