Paparazzi (keith303 Remix)

a local radio station is currently holding a remix competition for lady gaga’s “paparazzi” track.
being the huge gaga fan that i am cough, i had of course no other chance than to compete.

here’s the result.

Dude. Great work! The mix is superb. I heart the synth melodies that are happen when she isn’t singing hope it draws that much needed attention your way!

Sounds very sweet :) Love the long tail reverb on the vocal (?), it really glues the mix together.

I find some hats to be too sharp though, they are kindof hurting my ears. Of course, I’m listening on crap speakers so it could easily be just me!

Much better than the original B)

Great remix!! tight as hell!

I agree with the others, I like its fresh upbeat-style, melancholic harmonics and think it’s nicely mixed. I like the twist on the refrain, it works partly as a break.

Let us know how you do in the contest. :)

Edit: Gotta agree though that it’s a bit bright in the higher frequencies (ess:es, hihats).

thanks for taking a listen, cheers :)

the mix sounds okay-ish on my speakers setups.
i did a lot of fine-tuning on the EQing… probably a bit too much? ;)
after making some A-B comparisons with other “commercial” tunes, i actually thought the bass in the sub 80hz range was a bit too prominent.

thanks mate!

more than 1.500 submissions lower my optimism a little bit g but i’ll report back as soon as i’ve lost ;)

First… i have no idea how the original sounds. Regarding the song itself it feels like a solid commercially targeted production, not really my style personally but very well executed overall.

The mixing has too much sub bass in it and the highs are pretty fine for me. I’ve listened on Beyer Dynamics DT-770 Pro monitoring headphones if that makes any difference.


I hate you. For being such a great tracker. Seriously. Get out of my way. Get lost. And stop being so good.


Very tasteful remix. Alas I know the original, alas this is way more interesting to listen to, Lady Gag-a just dropped another vital level. Very slick, very tight sound sir! Composition could be a leettle bit more interesting imho, just something more exciting, but what do I know. Very very well executed remix!

beatslaughter, the bass is just too lush in the mix, absolutely covers my perception. i’m just wondering why i always have the “right” hearing after submitting stuff somewhere. probably should consider a few days off a certain tune before giving it away for good.

thanks Marc!

Botb, what do you know? a lot !
retrospectively i have to say that overall the mix stays too far below the surface and kind of “hides” behind the vocal.
it lacks expression and has only little recognition value.
thanks for your opinion.

today the pre-selection of the jury has been completed, as they’ve picked their last, weekly “top 3”. as expected, i am not part of their selection.

for those that never heard the original:


Well - it’s Eins Live… They have Domian. So. and it’s public radio :)

Seriously. I like that track and I hate Lady Gaga.

Amazing! You’ve turned Gaga’s song to something worth listening to.

+1 :wink:

dude, take solace from the fact that you won’t be permanently associated with this junk.

maybe you should blow off some steam by hosting a remix competition with the samples you used in your tune? …this song is begging for a beating (her version, i mean). :drummer:

anyway, i hope that you know you’re a badass.

wow, this is SUPER lush! and everything is TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT! very nice!

i’d love to get a version of this track without the main vocals though, cause vocals like this have never done anything for me. but fantastic job on the remix!