Paradox Vox!

i’ve been trying to figure out how Paradox gets his vocal samples to sound the way he does.

when he samples a vocal phrase, it has lots of extra material removed without it sounding ‘ripped out’ (like what happens using phase inversion)
his method has noticeable lightness to it, there isn’t much low-end to it.

could it be a combination of eq an a few filters, like band reject & hpf?

so far i cant seem to get it sounding right, am i completely off?

bad thread title i guess?

which track (for example)
any snippets around?

it completely eludes me which version & name of the tune im mainly refering to, it uses mainly if not 100% samples of “2001 a space odyssey”.
the samples are of HAL9000, its during the moment in the film where dave is begining to disconnect hal. there is a lot of extra noise like compressed air hose sounds. an breathing in a helmet.

some of the phrases were,
“my mind is going”

“I can feel it”

“my mind is going”

“there is no question about it”

i looked through my hard drive, an i cant seem to find where i put it!
i was almost positive it was either ‘certain sound’ or ‘deep sleep’ but its not. the edits are very similar to both, i’ll have a look at rdb.

Track is ‘New Statement’. Paradox is the don.

He’s a total geek about cleaning up sound though. All his beats sound as fresh as the studio before he even chops them. As for the vocals, I reckon he would get them from a high-quality source, like the DVD, then find a clean version of the vocals in one of the surround channels. I’m saying this because on Certain Sound, a lot of the vocals come from Dune, which in the stereo version I had for ages, were impossible to sample. Then I went and got the DVD, and the samples were just sitting there, Centre channel, with the atmosphere in the back and sides. On Deep Sleep, which samples the same movie, this wasn’t always the case, but since most of the samples were whispered voices (the film’s way of conveying people’s thoughts), he could get away with hi-passing and EQ’ing.

If you’re into Paradox/Alaska then check this out:

It’s a link to a realy good Q&A done a year ago. Tons of info there.