Parallel Compression On Renoise

I understand the principle of parallel compression, and going by that all you’d need is renoises’ own DSP compressor, no fancy vst plugin, but I guess it’s creating a sort of dry/wet thing going on bussing tracks to S01 but im not sure the logic of how i go about it…

I only wanna use it on drums/breakbeats etc

Parallel compression is where you buss the track you want to compress to an aux track or another track, and literally crush it with heavy compression emphasizing the most punchy elements of it, and subtly ease it into the mix for more punch in your percussion.

ahright yeah, but if i load a compressor onto the ‘S01’ and assign the output of any of the channels to the S01 you only get the sound from the S01 channel right?

do you know what i mean by the S01? you can add more to make S02

Is Parallel Compression the same as Side Chaining? It sounds like it to me?

If so, search the forum for “Side Chain”, the short answer is no. The long answer is in the forums and discussed to death.


Ok wait… I re-read your statement.

I don’t know what Parallel Compression is but to do what you want it’s:

  • Track 01
    -> Add Send Device, S01, Keep Source, Adjust Amount
    -> Add Send Device, S02, Mute Source


ah ok i managed it with just the S01. however there’s a problem.

i have an m-audio delta 192 which i think is prety good for any job, but there’s clearly a latency problem. you get that sound as if you put a chorus on the whole mix with the rate to zero, you get this whislting air tone to it. I don’t want that :( must be latency problems. I guess in that case, renoise can’t do P-compression unless the compressor it self had a dry/wet control ?

This is because of renoise’s current lack of PDC (nothing to do with your soundcard), the native compressors will introduce a tiny latency, possibly the act of sending a track will too. Even a few samples are enough to produce an audible phase effect…

Assuming this latency is constant (I would’ve thought so) you might be able to ‘tune out’ the phasing by putting voxengo latency delay on your dry channel.

ok i’ve downloaded that, that’s a cool little plugin

i’ve just found out the compressor has latency problems, however the renoise ‘maximizer’ has no problem at all.