Parallel Compression (send Track + Send Device)

Can somone explain to me how to parallel compress things using the send track and send device. Nowhere seems to have any info on how to do this in renoise. I have just realised recently that when I have been compressing the drums i have been compromising the transients. So I would like to have really hard sounding drums but with nice transients.

I read that parallel compression takes two signals (1 compressed and the other dry) and places them ontop of each other so therefore preserving the transients of a dry signal but also maintaining the hard sound of the compressed signal. :o

I would like to compress my kick drums, snares, hihats and ghost snares seperately. This means I will have to place them in a different track?

In the send device there’s an option for Keep Source. If you put the compressor in the sendtrack, this would give you your dry signal. You could put a gainer after the send device to change how much dry signal you want.
Some vst compressors have a dry/wet knob.

And yes, seperate compression means seperate tracks.

So u put the send device on each track ( 1 on kick track, 1 on snare track ect?)

The send it useful for grouping different tracks which you want to put the same effects over. If you want seperate compression settings for kick snare, etc there’s no need for send devices. Just put it on the original track. (you’ll have to have the kick and snare of seperate tracks as well yes)

edit- misread a bit,if you want that dry/wet thingy, you’ll have to use Send devices. Maybe there’s another way though

Yeah that the whole reason I wanted to start using parallel compression in the first place ( because of the wet/dry thingy)

So for the wet/dry thing I would stick a send device on each track to link them to the compressor on the send track. :wacko: