Parallel sends

One thing that would give huge boost to the usefulness of Renoise DSP chains: Parallel send devices.

It consists of two DSP devices: Parallel Send and Parallel Return device:

  • Send only has two sliders: 1. Send amount; 2. Through amount.
  • Return has selection dropdown which lets user select which send to receive from
  • Return has two sliders, 1. Return amount; 2. Through amount.
  • Several returns can connect to single send.
  • Send device has to be in the same chain as return device.
  • Send device has to be before the return device in DSP chain.

Here is JS prototype to demonstrate the functionality: (needless to say, it may not work with every browser).

A simpler design is:

  • Send device has only “Send amount” & maybe “Pan” sliders.
  • Send always is 100% through.
  • Return only has input dropdown.
  • It always is 100% through.
  • All other level adjustments can be performed with added gainer devices.


#Hydra send, one dspeffect for any sends