Greetings everyone, just been trying to put the word out on this LP I put together (in Renoise)…

This is some seriously good stuff. Really fantastic atmosphere, and I think some of your synth sounds are very well put together - seriously fucked up, but still work as an instrument. Consider me sold.

Thanks for checking it out Scrittah, I really appreciate it.

i have listen it yesterday i’m really surprised by the quality of your lp i like it

Really nice stuff! Listening on Soundcloud now…


Sound hypnotizes with its leisurely pace, relaxing the brain with sound waves. As if you dived in the digital space and drifting accompanied by soft beat and electrical synth strikes. The sound inspires with its energy, it is felt that in a while you’ll start emit electrical impulses by yourself. It is very interesting musical trip throughout the soundscapes of digital space.

some new music…


I’d call this music very brave and original. The low midrange clipped squary sounds remind me very much of the good old Soundblaster game music.

Great work. Soft lines, smooth shapes. The music is taking you on its waves and paints for you an audiovisual landscape. This contact makes a sparkle which breaks into millions of multicolored lights.

Congrats for the release!

Feels very confortable sound environment ! :walkman: Makes me want to sleep/relax and have lucid dream with your music while dreaming.

Lost Rov

Auv Drop


Love it.