[partly done] 3 Small Usability Issues

Hi all!

Finally found the time to test the renoise beta, and wow, I am impressed. Really amazing work, my congratulations to everyone involved. This is really a huge leap. I am honestly thinking about getting new license just because I am so much impressed with this new version that I really want to show some monetary support.

There are 3 small suggestions I want to make though, small, little things that annoyed me pretty fast.

  1. include vendors name if I search for a VST-Plugin (instrument or effect). Sometimes I only remember the company/guy who made the plugin I am looking for, at the moment this is not used in the search.

  2. Please (!) let us have 8 favourate-buttons in the diskop. Four is not enough for me and there is enough space to make 8 (you might have to move the “render”-button in filemode a few pixels down, but that is the only thing that is in the way)

  3. The x-axis of the LFO-Custom-Envelope view needs to be labeled differently. If I have an Envelope with 64 steps it shows me “10, 20, 30, 40, 50” which is pretty useless, I would like to have “15, 31, 47” (assuming that the envelope starts with 0). And while you are at it, could you make it abit more wide? Its really tiny at the moment… :(

Apart from that, as I said, wow. I haven’t even come around checking all the new features yet, but what I have seen so far really rocks.

Hi Looza,

This already will work as soon as the vendor names are visible?

Would this really help? Don’t we need something like a labeled preset handling instead. Its quite hard to remember now with the 4 presets which number corresponds to which directory.

This is done now (16, 32, 48 though)…

Edit : Sorry, my bad. It definately does work in b5, can it be that it didn’t work in b4/b3?

Well, I can keep track of the targets of those four buttons :) But especially for samples I would really really like to see more then just four, I am a datamessie and sample-dir is huge. But basically any solution is welcome. A detachable, resizable Diskop-Window for example :D

Is the envelope starting with 0 or 1? I just ask because if it starts with 0 then a marker at 16 for a 64-step envelope would mean that exactly 25% of that envelope is one dot infront of the labeled 16. What I actually mean are vertical lines and labels at 25%, 50% and 75% of the envelope.

taktik im definitely with looza on the 8 preset slots. they’re always useful! and more will make it quicker, especially if you get to network two computers and theres loads to access from both machines.

btw, thank you kindly for having those slots for views and diskops!

Tried to add 8 preset button to the browser and this looked totally crowded. Lets do this the “right” way with named presets and stuff in an upcomping release…

Each preset has a tooltip telling you to what folder it is bound to, or did you forgot that you implemented that?
I don’t see the problem actually, besides the buttons becoming too crowded.

I could also live with a solution that reserves those 8 buttons for the large diskop view. It’s pretty empty in that column at the moment anyway. But then we could actually have more than 8.

Or are are there any plans for content there? (I mean the left column in the large diskop view).

I would rather vote for a drop-down list. This gives you room for plenty more.

Please no. It’s just more clickety-click. How about making more room for presets in expanded diskop mode?

I like the Idea being able to name these buttons. I’m really messy in remembering these settings on different systems.

Like Looza said, the large diskop view offers plenty space to make labeled buttons vertically.
but I don’t know how taktik wants to place labeled buttons in the smaller diskop, but maybe it’s an idea to show only the first 4 or any number that fits the GUI. in those first slots you can select your most used favorite paths.

I like the idea with named folder presets, but I hope direct unlabeled buttons won’t be gone. 4 direct buttons is enough though, maybe even just 3 for the first 3 presets, and the fourth could open menu with preset from number 4 on…