Party Line

A quick release with a song that didn’t fit it any album projects, “Party Line”:

Party Line: Download mp3

Composed in early 2006 this has sat around ‘nearly finished’ on my computers(s) waiting for the right vocal take. It all started from the heavy groove riff. Once I recorded the riff I realised that it was in 7/8 timing and needed a particular odd drum beat to go with it. I improvised some vocal melodies on top of it all and came up with a nice phrase that didn’t have any words. So I went for a bike ride to think about that and I came up with:

Toe the party line
All your life
For one.

Just this week I noticed that I had forgotten about the song and decided to give the vocals a crack. Things turned out fairly good so I gave the whole sound a good sonic polish. What you hear is the end result, without too much fuss. The heaviness won’t be for everyone, but the strength of the vocals and ambience is a proper indicator of where I’m headed with my solo pop project presently.

Excellent song!

Thanks Beats! ;)

Nice arrangement for 7/8 time sig: the riff is sensibly 4+3/8, and drums go 3+4/8.

I’m not a fan of such heavy songs, but yours is catchy, timing- and mastering-wise.

Fantastic ending!

You listen to too much tool :P

The above points I think are proof enough that a song like this doesn’t belong to a more mature album project. Technically speaking however I am happy with the result.

A lot of years spent listening to Tool here. But you’ll find those guys don’t get as ‘cold’ as this.

Really great song!
The only deficit are the too listless drums. They can not compete at all with the excellent atmosphere, the great vocals, guitar-riffs and well-used effects.

wow, cool! maybe notice about drums is right though.

Fair call about the drums, probably too minimal for most people’s taste.