Passed deadline * MIX/MASTER AND/OR REMIX COMPETITION - deadline 10 feb 2021

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Mix/Master and or Remix competition
for EatMe - Penthouse New Mexico

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Original song:

download .flac:
download .mp3:
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download the

Penthouse New Mexico
stem pack (to remain private) - autodeletes in 1 week from 4 february 2021 (1015 MB)

it is a (to remain private) 1015 MB .zip file and contains
-the original Renoise project file (requires some plugins and the registration if you’d want to render as wav)
-the Renoise project empty set up with all 13 tracks mixed, to be used in the Renoise demo
-the 13 original tracks .wav 48000 Hz 24 bit mentioned incorrectly as 16 bit in the info.txt,
-the track stem renders are starting with 1/2 a beat of silence at 110 BPM (4 lines of 8 lines per beat)
You can download and listen to the completed project mix at my website and on YouTube
the name of the song is “EatMe - Penthouse New Mexico”.

EatMe - Penthouse New Mexico - stems are to remain private.

Your final mix has to be presented in 44.100 Hz 16 bit .flac or .wav or .aiff download uncompressed (lossless CD quality) and must be submitted before 10 february begins at Central European Time.

You may share, broadcast, distribute, copy, make available for download, and sell, your final mix if everything is done in decent fashionable order (no politics, no religion, no negative thoughts). If you make more than 25 dollars of it after distribution costs, we will need to talk again to discuss each others share. This does not include your related customers for other projects after they only heard your mix/master/remix of my work. You can not include it in other products or other derivatives. Your final mix will become and has always to be able to be available as free download on after the 10th of february on my Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 licensed hosted discography on with proper credits to EatMe as 1 word with E and M in caps, and you! of course, so leave a link / all your profile links I can link to…

Music by EatMe -

The stems are private and ( C) ( P ) 2020, 2021, Music by EatMe,
The final song/mix is for free download on

110 BPM

Gm/Eb Bb/G Eb/C Gm/Bb

13x track .wav 48000 Hz 24 bit not mentioned correctly as 16 Bit in the download info .txt

all these stem tracks
begin with 4 lines of silence at 8 lines per beat at 110 BPM
1/2 a beat of silence before they start.

This stem pack got released privately and remain property of - Music by EatMe - - free music downloads.

Music by EatMe

Made, mixed and mastered in Renoise 3.2.1, saved in Renoise 3.3.1 format

Gm/Eb Bb/G Eb/C Gm/Bb

VST Instruments:
AAS LoungeLizard EP
Acoustica Pianissimo

Piano (chopped):
1791:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm DixielandMedium Sw 110 (1 count before beat)
Bass (chopped):
1253:Bass, Electric, PopShiningHeldEv 120 (Double-Time)
873:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernRnbRockFunkyOffbeat Ev 065
3245:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkyBluesSol ev16 090
2618:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Funk16thsMutedWahWah Ev 16 100
Realdrums (alternated):
SmoothCoolBrushes: a: Snare, Hihat b: Snare, Ride
SambaFull^1-a: Sticks , b:Ride Contemporary (Double-Time)
BossaBrushes: a: Sidestick Brushes b: Sidestick, Ride (Double-Time)
BossaRockPerc^1-a: Congas, b:Percussion Busy (Double-Time)
BossaRock^7-a:Sidestick, Hihat Loud , b:Sidestick Ride (Double-Time)

VST effects:
SupaPhaser by Bram
TokyoDawn Labs TDR Kotelnikov (mastering compressor)

Internal Renoise effects:
Analog Filter (w/ Drive)
Maximizer (Limiter)
10-bands Equalizer

A lot of fun to make.

Penthouse New Mexico by EatMe
Free download:

Music by EatMe

Some rights reserved,
see for info
(CC) BY-NC-ND ( C ) ( P ) 2020 music by EatMe -

-deadline: before 10 february 2021 midnight Central European Time
-prize eur20 per paypal for the winner selected by me.

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