Passion - Theme

Another Orchestral Theme. Made Of Course with RENOISE.

I dont know why the quality recoded by SoundCloud sounds sooo Loud and Bass.

Anyway Comments. Please and Thank you.

Great atmospere. :slight_smile:

Thank You very much !

smooth and cool, keep it up!

Really nice one! Which plugins have you used for the orchestral sounds?

Hi Thanks for comments, these are the insruments used in this song:

Main Strings : Native Intruments - Projectsam Orchestral Essentials: Strings Arco + Piano Low Filter

Winds : Native Instruments - Berlin Woodwinds : Solo Oboe

Samplelord - English Horn (SF2)
Samplelord - Flute (SF2)

Brass : Samplelord - French Horns (SF2)

Voice : Native Instruments - Hephaestus Singers : Federica

Percussion : Wavs of cymbals and rides

The Main chords are composed using a program made by myself called “MFC” my favourite chords,
made with Visual Basic 6, which shots chords from a listbox pre selected.

Thanks a lot !!!