Paste Copied Pattern - Also Paste Pattern's Label?

anyone still reading this thread? Well its here so i’m going to use it again.

I love that if i copy then paste a pattern the paste carries over the pattern length but it would also be nice if the pattern’s label got pasted over too… possibly prefixed by something like “*” similar to when you clone a pattern the label is prefixed with “#”


Makes sense +1

On a similar note (not sure any of this will make it into the release), I suggested that selecting a pattern would also select the pattern-tracks (a.k.a. “matrix slots”).
More a convenience thing really, but it helps to illustrate the relationship between the pattern sequence and the matrix.

Especially as the change meaning now you actually copy the contents of the matrix slots and not the patterns themselves. (IE pasting will result in new patterns, rather than a repeated section with the old pattern numbers.

Is there a Paste As Alias option? Some kind of half-way-house which may help people who relied more on the old method.