Paste, Insert, Mix/merge-paste Etc

Coming from an ST/IT/ST background, I have some questions about mixing/merging/pasting etc.

IT’s paste function for alt+p was “insert paste” meaning if I copied a 7x1 block, and hit paste several times, it would insert 7 rows, then 14, then 21, pushing the existing content from the cursor 21 down.

  • if I want to “loop paste”, I simply hit alt+p as many times as I need to fill in the rest of the column, or just hold down alt+ppppppppppppppppp.

IT’s mix-paste alt+m does not insert, but pastes-into. The first alt+m fills in any empty notes, the second tap of alt+m then fills in any empty effects.

  • I use this primarily for doing interesting variations on melodies or percussion

How would each of these be implemented in RN using existing shortcuts? Can mix-paste only be implemented by using the mouse to check the AE “merge” box or whichever it is?

If that is the case, could keybindings be made available to all the AE functions? I’m not sure which would be best to set to toggle or as separate keys in themselves. hmmm

any thoughtS?

dunno really, i used IT a LOT.
But then again, i mostly clear the track before pasting.
For some reason it’s so long ago and i got used to Renoise’s method allready :P

There is a continues paste option ctrl+p to copy a block several times, but it does not move existing content downward!

Renoise has a lot of keyboard shortcuts which limits the amount of methods that can be used for copy/paste. The Advance Edit menu exists because of this reason.
The paste continuesly option is the only extra paste option that has a short-cut key for it.

There are lots of keyboard shortcuts taken from FTII and some may be from IT but also lots were forced to be different.
There is a level where you can customize your keyboard shortcuts to make them behave like as if you were working with Impulse Tracker, but up to a limited degree unfortunately.

Getting accustomed to a new environment is always painful at the beginning, but the pain will change into joy once you get the hang of it.