Paste Sample In New Instrument Slot Should Give Instrument A Name

if i want to move a sample or selection of samples from an xrni into a new instrument I go to the sample list, select the sample I want to move, cut them, then go to an empty instrument and paste.
I would like to see the instrument slot be given a name, preferably that of the sample cut/pasted.

As it is now it’d be too easy to accidentally overwrite an instrument slot if i dont go to “instrument settings tab” and check to be sure there are no samples already loaded.

Additionally would it be possible to allow us to cut/paste a selection of samples from one xrni to another? as it is now I can only cut one sample at a time.

I hope I’m not ‘flooding’ with too many suggestions today ;p

I thought it used to be the case that the instrument name would automaticly carry the sample name if something was pasted into a new instrument.
It sounds more like a bug to me.