Pasting More Note Columns Than Are Active In The Current Track


My clipboard contains some note data that extends across multiple note columns.

When I paste this note data into a track with fewer note columns activated than there are note columns of useful data on the clipboard, the extra columns of note data are lost.

Is there a way to have Renoise just activate the necessary extra note columns on paste? I briefly looked through the preferences but didn’t see anything.



extra columns are not really lost, but Renoise will only paste into the “visible area”.
If you want all of the notes/effects pasted, either paste whole tracks, patterns, or make more columns visible in the destination track before pasting them.


Thank you kindly for your reply.

All three suggested workarounds are sufficient. In my particular case I believe that working with PatternClipboard.TrackBuffer data instead of PatternClipboard.BlockBuffer data will work best. I hadn’t previously known the difference, I appreciate you nudging me towards this knowledge.

The specific case of data loss to which I was referring can be seen by following these steps:

  1. Open a new, blank, standard template Renoise document.
  2. Paste this data into the zeroth line of the first track:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<PatternClipboard.BlockBuffer doc_version=“0”>







  1. Note, that as the default document only has one note column on the first track only the “C” gets pasted, the “D#” is nowhere to be found.


p.s. Let me take this opportunity to mention how absolutely lovely and futuristic it is having the clipboard data be this transparent. Renoise is truly 21st century software. As a developer, I laud your team’s commitment to open-ness/transparency/scriptablity & etc… If there is justice in this world, your reward will come. Cheers.