Pasting Notes Across Patterns?

Like if I have a real slow track, and the main force is a simple sub bass line. I have an exact BPM from a song of a similar style, which is 72 BPM. I can’t evenly fit 4 or 2 iterations of this bass line into just one pattern, so how do I paste the notes so that they overlap/continue onto the next pattern?

Because when I try to do that, I go to the next pattern and it’s empty. I tried checking and highlighting multiple patterns and then pasting the notes, but that doesn’t work.

currently there is no way to make this with a single operation

Is there ANY way to do this then? Or am I forced to copy and paste parts of the bassline?


Bump again.

Use longer patterns?

If you are using the default pattern length of 64 rows (40 hex), and you need to use 4 combined patterns in sequence to achieve the results you want, then why not change your pattern length to 256 rows (100 hex) instead, so that it is 4 times longer? Use one long pattern instead of several short ones.

Continuous pasting does not work across multiple patterns, as It-Alien has already explained, but you can selection a block of data/notes and then paste it continuously within the pattern itself. For example: If you select some notes ranging from row 00 to row 0F in the pattern, copy that selection as normal, then use the paste continuously function to fill up the rest of the pattern automatically.

I have paste continuous mapped to CTRL+P, but in case you have a different key mapping, you can find the function at:
Prefs > Keys > Pattern Editor > Block Operations > Paste Continuously

Just to be certain that I didn’t misunderstand you in some way, perhaps you could upload an example .XRNS to demonstrate the problem you’re having?

What I meant was: say you’re in Pattern 0, and you have a bassline that you want to play twice. You go to paste in the second set of notes, but it doesn’t fit. So instead, the missing notes are pasted into the beginning of Pattern 1.

Then still, making the pattern a little larger is the better way to solve this for now.
In your case an arbitrary pattern-size might be needed (because you are using a different beat-size or groove perhaps?) and if that should be 70 lines, then set it to 70 lines.
Then continues paste of one block works and for copying the track contents to another pattern (having the same amount of lines!) you can simply perform shift-F4 and shift-F5 (track copy / paste)