Pasting On More Patterns At A Time.


Im trying to past a line of notes that is longer that one pattern, is it possible to paste on pattern 1 so that also pattern 2 gets the notes?
(I dont know how to explain it propperly)

pattern overflow? not that I know of =\

Ill explain with a small example;
My pattern is 64 ticks long.
Ive got 3 bass notes in one beat.
these 3 bass notes cover 45 ticks.
After these 45 ticks I want them to restart so I copy the three notes and paste them after the last.
the problem is only two of them will be shown because the third would begin on the second pattern.
So my only option is to put that last note in myself and then continue with the copy pasting until I reach the end of the pattern and everything starts again.
I hope Im making any sence :P


Automatically adding notes to the next pattern when pasting isn’t possible. Btw, you’re probably also confusing the terms ticks and rows/lines, except you’re running the song at Speed 1.

One thing though, if you want to recopy the same note-pattern across the whole track you might want to check out the continues paste function (lctrl-p) starting from the top. The whole track will be automatically filled out with your clipboard contents without you having to manually change your cursor position.

Also if one beat covers four rows, then the amount of rows multiplied by the speed is your amount of ticks.

If your speed is 6 and you use four rows per beat, then 3 bass notes cover 24 ticks ;)

You can also change the size of your pattern in the upper left corner if your bass line pasting goes across the pattern boundary. Instead of 64 rows you can for instance bring it down to 48 rows (allows you to do a 3/3 schema) and none of your notes will be cut below your actual pattern size.

Thanks for all the replies!
Sorry about the tick-thing, I understand now :)
I knew about the pattern size but its not an option for me right now.
Its a shame it cant be done tho’, Ill try the continues paste function and just delete a whole lot of notes :)

Thanks! :D

ONE more question:
Is it possible some how to move notes on a pattern by just clicking and dragging?
Ive played a piano piece but a lot of notes are just one or two places off, its a lot of work to copy paste every note :P

yes i think you can leftclick-hold-drag(if im not mistaken)

No, that way Ill just drag out an orange select box…

click once

that should allow you to drag the note

No, whatever I click Ill be just dragging out the orange selection box…

And whit that orange selection box you can …gues what ?Yes …select notes and drag them …!!!
Convenient huh

I cant DRAG them!
I can copy paste, or cut paste them with ctrl+x and ctrl+v
You dont have to react like im retarded or something, I know how a computer works but I cant drag notes.

You have to click inside the selected area to be able to drag. Clicking outside the selection will make a new selection. I think there is a small icon by the mousepointer when a drag is in progress.

yes there will be a small icon,when drag is in progress

Finally got it :P
I was to fast, I didnt knew I had to wait a second before drag was enebled.
Thanks anyway!

You can also change the behavior of this feature to make it instant, just uncheck this “Delayed drag’n’drop” box:

Though this is just a personal preference that you have to test if it works or eventually gets in your way.
For most folks this part is getting in their way as they not always want to instantly drag their selection around.

Yes, I prefer the delayed behaviour, too many uninteded drags.

Good thing there is CTRL+Z.
I still haven’t got used to having undo in Renoise, FT2 and other trackers made me swear so many times I’m very careful with what I’m doing.