Theres this guy that got in contact with me through msn offering patches to fix all sort of problems in renoise. Being the suspicious guy that i am i didnt accept any of these patches he tried to send me. Has anyone else had this guy trying to send them patches? has anyone accepted them?

My advice is to not accept any patches or “bug fixes” from unreliable sources other than (or renoise developers). We are not aware of these yet however if you earn a virus/trojan on your sistem don’t be surprised!

try NOD32, under Virus Bulletin the 100% virus detection tool

additionally I’d like to inspect this “patch” myself. Anyone holding it, please ZIP it and send it to my e-mail address. Don’t worry, i have secure enviroment, it will not run by itself :slight_smile:

I wan’t it to verify if this is a HOAX or real “patch”.

Renoise - The Trojan Horse Edition
lol lol lol lol