Patrick Tregaskin

Did we ever get to the bottom of who Patrick Tregaskin was? Just finally getting around to listening to Patskin pack Episode 1 so had a quick search. Seems his blog and MySpace have been quite a while…

Wow you can tell my brain isn’t with it today. Patrick in the title then somehow I manged to write Richard in the post. Anyway editing now but this post is so yours still makes sense kaneel ;)

My Brian hasn’t worked for a long time!


Follow the gourd!

clearly aphex twin.

clearly anyone but aphex twin

I tend to look for anagrams in tracks the man has ever published (which I know of). I really think all these tregaskins, etc. are AFX. The music sounds too good to be from someone else. Weird enough the myspace’s don’t have a lot of listeners… :blink:

I reckon it’s you :P ;)

Some of you will not like it …but the truth has to be told…let’s for once an for all get finished with these fake 'tuss’tusz’ta tuzz tregaskin etc…

Patrick Tregaskin is a copycat guys… he’s not The Tuss.

Hint: He’s on Rephlex records?

wisp played ‘teddie ogie’ (originaly credited by the tuss ) …which was a good move cause, wisp is now sined to rephlex…
It’s the internet ghost in the TR xox boxes ans stuff…

ok, here is another one. its 7 pin dinner.
got a nice shy analog style.

in my mind its definitely richard.aphex played a set that contained a tuss song a year r two b4 anyone even had heard the name so i mean it must be him…i seriously doubt its cylob

It’s not really worth thinking about…the more you speculate, the more you feed the monster

Wasn’t even thinking of The Tuss, and whoever that is claims to be Brian and Karen Tregaskin, not Patrick, but likely the same (admit I didn’t realise that was the claimed name of the members of The Tuss when I started this thread.)

Discogs seems to have put it as fact that The Tuss is RDJ. Surely they shouldn’t do that unless it’s been announced somewhere…

The Patrick Tregaskin myspace page has some very distinctive differences from the other Tuss pages if you look closely enough.

Patrick Tregaskin is John Lennon