Pattern As Instrument

I would love to be able to create multi instruments by giving a pattern “instrument status” and use it inside another pattern. I do this a lot manually by rendering patterns and loading the sample, but imagine the possibilities if it could be done realtime (compared to a dead sample) :)

already discussed in the past. a very promising idea which I hope will be implemented sometimes.

I’m moving this to the suggestions forum because this is nothing you will see in 1.9

so, basically… a step sequencer on stereoids ?

Sounds great! But there’s something here I can’t find out. If a pattern is going to have an “instrument status” it means that it must be rendered before the pattern that is supposed to use it as a sample, how can this be done? Maybe with very big latencies?!

Why does it have to be pre-rendered? Cant Renoise just play the content as if the content was entered in additional tracks? It would not be much more work for Renoise, but definitely less work for us :) Macros ftw.

Could this be a button in the instrument editor called Wavetable, or well, just Pattern?

I’m just stating the obvious here, but it would need a dedicated instrument basenote to transpose to.

How should master/send tracks work?
I believe it shouldn’t mess with it’s own send tracks, where the master should be unique to the instrument.

Why not?
I don’t see any reason to cripple the instrument-pattern, really?

I also had an idea of a master and send tracks for the entire instrument (I-master, I-send), and a master and send tracks for each pattern you have inside your instrument.
You can map many different patterns to different instrument zones (key-velocity range), etc. Where you can edit single or multi patterns at once.

More specifics about this idea and others in the RNI Future thread.

I meant normal patterns and instrument patterns should share the send tracks, reasoning is to save CPU resources by not having the same effect chain running twice. But instrument patterns should have a unique master track.

Ah ok… I get you now.
I did also suggest that actually in an internal discussion we had about this some time ago.
We talked about RNI format that got it’s own master and send tracks, and also that you can choose to route channel do send tracks outside the instrument (to send tracks in normal song patterns).
This might make things a bit complicated from a developers point of view, but it would be very useful for the user. Time will show :)

Great idea. This would allow to make great arppeggios

This plugin does exactly that for you: