Pattern Command - User Triggers

Now we have alphanumeric Pattern Commands it seems we have plenty to play with!

All the original commands have been remapped to something more easy for a newcomer to remember. Maybe we could take 01xx-09xx as some kind of User Triggers?

Now exactly how this would work I haven’t ironed out. But generally I’m thinking there can be two types of LUA code it can access. That which is stored Globally, such as Tools are. And that which is stored within a Meta Device, similar to the Formula device but will listen for certain Pattern Commands.

A very basic example would be to solve a recent thread by user input. Changing of NNA setting on the fly. Say you use 01xx for this, which you have a Trigger which point to code where it sets the NNA for the Selected_Sample (Keyzone if that ever gets separated, as Keyzones are actually a far better place for NNA settings but that’s a different subject entirely.) So 0100 could set NNA=Cut, 0101 NNA=Note_Off, 0102 NNA=Continue… Or something similar.

Probably too clunky and complicated, plus possibly even possible with the Formula Device (???) but it could also be interesting.