Pattern Control


I’m new to renoise, though I used to mess around with Impulse Tracker back in the day.

I am having trouble working out how to work with patterns independent of the pattern sequencer. How do I move between patterns without having to place them in the pattern sequencer, or without modifying the selected step in the sequencer?

I hope you see what I mean.


I have never used Impulse Tracker (I was on the Fast Tracker side), but many Impulse users have asked for being able to edit a pattern which is not the currently one being played, I think this is what you are asking for, which is not possible in Renoise, as you can only work with the currently shown/played pattern.

Renoise has more heritage from FT2 rather than IT2, so that’s why it is like that; this of course does not mean that this feature will never be implemented.