Pattern Editing ?

Hi, I come from IT and then Modplug Tracker.
I’m really impressed by Renoise but the pattern edition is quite boring for me.

Left mouse button : i don’t understand why you can’t go directly to the row you’re left clicking on ?? arrows are too slow !!!

Track selection and Pattern selection : in Modplug Tracker you could select an entire track or pattern… I haven’t found this very useful feature in Renoise

Note Instrument change : if I want to change a full track’s instrument ie : change the hh in a dedicated track, will I really have to change the instrument note by note ???
Perhaps could I change the instrument’s range in the instrument editor but I prefer to keep my samples at the same number…
I would enjoy to press a button ‘set to current Instr.’ for setting a selected area

Please answer me and tell what do you think about my claims because I really enjoyed discovering renoise but the slow pattern edition prevents me to use it really :(

There are shortcuts to copy/cut/paste a whole pattern and a whole track.

shift+F3 cut track
shift +F4 copy track
shift +F5 paste track

crtl+F3 cut pattern
ctrl+F4 copy pattern
ctrl+F5 paste pattern

I agree with the left mousebutton…

But I think there are lots of powerful things you have not yet discovered, because then you would not let the left mousebutton stop you.

cool, thx for the shortcuts, i haven’t seen them but they will be very useful !
so what about the instruments ? is there a special trick or technique to edit several instrument of an area at the same time ?

one good thing could be to let the user change events of mouse as it is all ready possible for keyboard, so that everybody will have what he desires.

as a general rule: read the manual before asking, it may help.

Set editstep to zero “0”


Agree. To simplify it a bit there could be an option in the config between skipping after each fx digit entry or skipping after the rightmost fx digit entry (which is basically the same as a complete number, right?)

Another suggestion (probably mentioned before, I think):
Go to next/previous row (i.e. up/down buttons) but with the current editstep value. Best realized by two new keyboard shortcuts I guess.

With all these keyboard shortcuts I also often find it hard to find the shortcut I want to edit. So I thought of a way to search the possible shortcuts. Then I realized this is easiest done by opening the KeyboardMapping.xml file. So a button in config/keyboard which opens KeyboardMapping.xml in notepad would be a quick way to do this… Any other ideas?

And a final suggestion: I mentioned this sometime before… I really want to delete panning and volume along with the note as I almost always use a MIDI keyboard which enters volume. To delete notes is a bit tedious when you have to first delete the note and then the first volume digit and finally the last one. Alt+delete works sometimes, but when you only want to delete one note and not the entire column it’s not possible. A new keyboard shortcut would solve this as well (delete note+volume+panning).

That delete note+volume+panning is great, I think it should be set as default!