Pattern Editor - Backspace Vs Delete

ok so i’m hoping this is just a toggle i’m missing somewhere… This is a habit formed from yeeeears of using older trackers back in earlier days. I am used to treating my backspace key in the pattern editor exactly as one would treat a backspace key in a text editor if you wanted to pull a line of text back.

in short, i want my curser to move BACK and destroy what was in its path when i hit the backspace key while editing a pattern.

please tell me i’m missing a toggle or setting somewhere… please?

yeah, I’ve had the same problem when I first tried to remove a selection. Backspace wasn’t doing anything. I then learned about using ctrl+X to remove complete sections quickly.

hmm. yeah no this is a different problem. this has nothing to do with selecting a block. this has to do with backspacing, the opposite of inserting. backspace does do something I’m just wondering if there’s possibly a keyboard combo or toggle that i’m missing to make it do more what i expect, and that is to actually backspace, not delete selected.

well backspace works like an inverted ‘insert’ here! So it does 'pull back a line ’ as you call it! Maybe you need to get rid of that mac keyboard :slight_smile:

mSepsis has a point, though.

I always have found this a bit counterintuitive: BACKSPACE does what CANC should do: removing lines which are after the current line.

BACKSPACE should instead remove the previous line and shift everything one line up, but there is no such action to assign this key to in the preferences