Pattern Editor - Do Not Wrap, Do Not Go To Next/previous.. Just Stop

How’s that? Takes less than a second for me. Working fast with the keyboard is a matter of practicing.

as i said somewhere above, i think this debate really comes down to a difference in workflow. i completely agree with you but apparently mSepsis has another view. everyone works the way they feel most comfortable.

Stop option would suit me nicely.
And I’d agree, a 3 state button doesn’t seem a big issue for a set and forget option.

“Set and Forget” options should not be on the main interface at all, they should be in Preferences. The interface should be kept for things you may wish to change on at least a fairly regular basis.

Do you never find yourself changing from working on a single pattern, to working on variation through the song while you are tracking? Although I think I could get used to working on in one mode and forgetting about changing at times it clearly was never thought of as Set & Forget due to its positioning and I would agree with that.

Although maybe a three-state toggle is going to have to be the way to go if it’s introduced. Even if it was added to the Preferences as three radio buttons you would want a graphical representation of the mode you are in at the Pattern Editor screen. It would be a shame if this could not also be used to change which mode you are in.


I agree with the logic in general, but I also generally agree with what you say next (for the majority):

For me personally I would stick this in the preferences, I don’t really need an icon telling me which pattern edit wrap mode I’m in, but that’s purely subjective.

If minimizing the UI is actually the main goal of the dev team, I would say the same for the scroll button, to the right of the record button in the top left of the interface. I would consider that a “set it and forget it” preference also that doesn’t need to be there.

I personally have never find myself wishing to use either of the current loop settings.

Wrap around pattern edges-I’ve personally never seen the benefit of wrapping, but it’s the lesser of the to evils for me so this is what I always have it set to. If you reach the end of a pattern and want to go back to the start, there’s already a shortcut to do that.
Move continuously between patterns- I never set this. It’s a pattern editor, and I want to edit the current pattern. If I want to go to the previous or next pattern there’s already a shortcut for that. I wonder how often this option is used by anybody???


Personally I’m with msepsis still, I like to stick to the pattern I’m working on (othwise CTRL+down is very handy) and shortcuts available make wrapping a bit obsolete. Again, this is all rather subjective, but that’s where I am.

Yes, do this. It’s one of the things that has annoyed me in renoise since… forever. To be blunt, I fucking hate it. Loopy and keep going kinda goes against the “pattern” concept really.



I don’t see this anywhere in the new beta so at the risk of being “that guy” I’m bumping this back up. Can we please have this option to NOT wrap in the pattern editor when in edit mode?

+1 for no-wrap-no-roll.

It sounds vaguely impulse trackerish, maybe that’s why I like it?

I wanted to add to the title “Go straight to Jail” but i guess we’re not playing monopoly…

It can be a three-state button. Wouldn’t take more space than it does now, and would have 3 different icons when you click it. One of the states would be a default (like the non-wrapping version) and it would be black, and other two would be red. Happy?

+1 to the OP

I’d say this has support… Would my buying another renoise tshirt and or sticker count to sponsor this seemingly, contextually measly request???

Just further thoughts to help anybody who still doesn’t understand how what I’m asking for here is beneficial…

Say I want to block select all the way to the top of the pattern, or almost to the top of the pattern using only the keyboard from my current position.
Shift+Arrow all the way up, but if/when it loops to the end of the pattern It’s like I’m playing frogger and have to start all over again.

pussy foot.

{edited to assure conner that was … a joke}

Read the Merchandise thread and you’ll see there is no mark-up so Renoise don’t actually make anything from those purchases.

Why do you have to start again? Say you want to do from line 7 to the end of the pattern (line 127 for example.) Cursor on line 7, hold shift, hit up 8 times to go past 0 to the end and you have everything from 7 - 127 highlighted.

Either that or use the Ctrl+B and Ctrl+E shortcuts (Begin/End Selection) rather than always holding Shift with arrows.

wha??? you guys are getting RIPPED. There are places that print tshirts for a couple of bucks, but oh well. the comment was pretty much a joke, still I can’t be alone in thinking you guys should be making something from merch. Typically that’s the point.

Speaking of getting to the point…

So you’re saying if I went to far I can start over by starting my selection where I was originally going to end it, then reselecting by shift arrowing up to loopdeloop around to the end of the pattern. Yes. That’s starting over. If I had a no wrap option the selection would STOP at tick 1, not inverse loop my selection and all I’d have to do is arrow down 7 times with shift.

Yes there are 15 different ways to do things in renoise. I get that.

Still no matter what you say, shift+arrow is a valid method of block selection, right?
Lets say i’m at line 40 and I want to select a block to line 2. I want to grab the notes, effects, vol and pan. shift+arrow select all the way to the top of the pattern from line 40 but have to start again if i don’t let go before it hits the top of the pattern. If there was a “no wrap” option, all I would have to do is arrow down once, while still holding shift. capeesh?!?!

Furthermore, what is the benefit of wrapping to the next pattern while in pattern edit mode? Is there one? It’s not too hard w/ a simple keystroke to jump to the next pattern.

If I have a loop on function I really would like a loop off option, especially for something as fundamental as a pattern editor. emphasis on the word PATTERN.

I don’t get your “start again.” All you have to do is push Up a couple of lines to go back around to top of pattern. You don’t have to start making your selection again, just finetune the end point.

I have 18 line in the pattern. Start at 40. Hold Shift+Up. End up at line 125. Oh dear! My selection is now completely wrong. Keep holding shift and hit down 5 times to end up on line 2 and have the selection you wanted. What is this starting over again bollocks? Adjusting at the end yet, but you’d have to adjust from Line 0 as well (although only 2 lines.)

I think Begin and End would be more useful if they weren’t quite so fussy with being in top left and bottom right corners of the selection…

I believe some people like it for working through a track adding variations and parts. As you get to the end where you have been nudging and adjusting things you just scroll off the bottom and are on the next patter. Can’t say I use it personally though.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the idea, especially if it’s going to help some people’s workflow

ah… finetune the endpoint cleared up any confusion i was having with understanding the method you describe.

Ah great. I think I was getting you wrong! I put up a poll in the general discussions form on this topic, maybe I’ll learn something beneficial from how others use the current wrap options as they are now.

Thanks as always, Kaz

+1 for just stop

when editing a single pattern and “move continuosly between patterns” is off:

navigating around the pattern end/start mostly* works as expected. but consequently the view completely changes between those two cursor positions, which is too much info for my brain. at the pattern edges i can’t see 50% of what i might want to edit around the cursor. the view is not continuos, so i don’t really navigate continuously there too.

on the other hand, if renoise were able to display the pattern start after the end, greyed out like adjacent other patterns, the view would be continuos like a pattern-ring. might be good for editing repetive tracks like drums. in that mode i’d want it to wrap.

*prior/next keys don’t wrap, this is already some compromise between wrap and saturate (stop, don’t wrap). imo, instead of giving navigate+1 a wrap and navigate+8 a saturate, there should be a wrap mode and a saturate mode for all step sizes.