pattern editor highlighted in light grey?

for some reason the pattern editor looks like its become completely highlighted in light grey…everything still works, just light grey highlight all over the pattern…i use the standard colour scheme

Have you played around with the pattern highlighting in the song options? See: Main menu > Song > Song Options

By default it’s set to highlight every beat, but you can override it if you wish.

Maybe you changed your song to 1 LPB (lines per beat) or something?

Thanks. Its strange,

I have it at the same settings as a new song.

highlight every xx lines : LPB

I guess LPB means 4 by default.

In the song I am working on I have

highlight every xx lines : LPB

Its the same but it highlights every line as if it were default 1 LPB.

If I change it to 4, it appears as normal.