Pattern Editor Resolution

Hi, can I make the pattern editor resolution smaller? I need to know if I can make the font smaller so i can fit more notes onscreen, cheers.

Renoise -> Preferences -> GUI -> Font Size -> Small

Vertical spacing: 00

thanks conner I’ve missed it before… I like to see as much as I can at once so small font was designed just for me :P

Yeah I already had it on those settings, I was just wondering if you could make it smaller still using some other way. Thanks for your input Connor.

You might be able to replace the fonts in “.\Renoise\Skin\Fonts”.

i don’t use windoze anymore, but i know you can set the font dpi in Display Prefs. If you use that, you may be able to shrink the display font even smaller (don’t know if directX works like this or not)