"pattern Effect" And "step Sequencer" Devices

Hi, guys.

I’ve got a suggestion. As simple as obvious (can’t remember if anyone asked for it): “Pattern effect” device!!!
We choose a pattern effect (say - “09: Sample offset”) and get controls over its parameters (the offset value in the case of 09). Now we can have it automated and… LFO’ed!!!

And one more (to make the above device more accurate contollable, though it’s not the only way to use it) - “Step sequencer” device!!! (as a new device or just as an addition to “LFO” device) Say, we set number of steps, select what to control and simply draw value bars - up or down from the center. Also it would be great to be able to set drawing increment/decrement stepping, i.e. - “1”, “1/2”, “1/4”,… “free”.

So now having both of those devices connected… - yep!!! - Dblue’s glitch comes to town!!! :)

What do you think?

Both devices +1!

This is relevant to my interests :)

Ultimate control over pattern effects - Wow!
This is a awesome idea.
+2 (one for both)

+2 for being very handy


I wouldn’t mind having all the patterncommands per track in the automation editor. Just fold them out and draw the values and have the same values automatically update in the pattern editor.

How would this differ from making point automation or LFO? This would be easiest to use by putting resolution switch to automation and modulation devices imo. But dunno what the benefits really are. And what pattern commands would you want to LFO-control other than offset and maybe tempo? Does this also fall into things to consider after new xrns is here?

Not to dis this, but really don’t see the benefits. Care to give some examples of usage and tell why would it be better that way?

Kameleontti pattern effects can control things in Renoise that nothing else can and nothing beats the effiency of built-in.

While we’re on the subject, Renoise needs to break the pointless 16 limit on the number of pattern commands.

Awesome suggestion +1+1