Pattern Effect Chain/Unchain


currently, setting a double pattern effect (the same effect on the same line in two effect-colums) will double its ‘force’, its effect.
however, this behaviour stays when you add a 2nd note-column. so, when you want to place a seperate effect for two notes on the same line, this is not possible because the effect doubles, for both. example:

C-401 – C-501 – 0910 0920

this gives you (forgive me if my math is wrong) 0930 as pattern effect for both notes.

C-401 – C-501 – 0210 0220

this gives you (forgive me if my math is wrong) 0230 as pattern effect for both notes.

would it not be nice if you could have a ‘chain’ option, where you can determine, (preferably per line), whether you want the above behaviour or not. the alternate behaviour would then be that each note-column has its own effect-column, so note-column 1 has effect-column 1, note-column 2 has effect-column 2, etc. so:

chaining on: pattern effects double
chaining off: effect-column positions correspond to note-column positions; the effect in each effect-column only affects the note in the corresponding note-column.

if you have two note-columns and only one effect-column, with chaining off, the 2nd note-column would not have an effect applied.
if you have two effect-colums and only one note-column, with chaining off, only the effect in the 1st effect-column would be applied.
for both of the above, chaining on would have the default behaviour.

the chaining could be as simple as a little chain-symbol between the columns, or maybe a border around it. i just re-installed my entire laptop and unfortunately only have MS Paint at hand, so i owe you some mockups, but maybe someone else who is enthousiastic about this idea can mock something up on their proper-software-computer?

EDIT: in the case of the 09xx effect the described default behaviour does not apply. it simply defaults to the effect in the last effect column. but this does work with the 02xx and 01xx effects, for example. and for the 09xx (and other) command(s) the idea for the chaining persists, albeit in a bit of a different way.


years ago, I proposed something similar which I called the “assignment column”, a single digit special column, hidden by default, at the left of each command column, which tells to which note column the command on that row will be assigned, with 0 meaning “to all note columns”, which is the current way it works.

It looked like a great idea to me at that time. Nowadays I would simply suggest you to use two separate tracks ;)

haha, yeah, of course that would work as well. anyway, glad you at least took the time to reply!