Pattern Effects On Live Midi

I’m very new to renoise, but I quite like it. I’m interested in using it more from a live performance standpoint than I am likely to have pre-defined patterns. However, I don’t see a way to apply pattern effects in realtime to sounds that are generated from midi events. These all seem to apply only to specific tracks, not globally, but midi sounds being generated aren’t attached to a specific track. Am I missing something?

Pattern Effect Commands only apply to Samples.

Well it’s possible, question is how to do it.

Triggering sounds in Renoise via the PC keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard, and having “something” happen to that in realtime should be possible with scripting, there are many different approaches. Perhaps the most simple one is to use the new MIDI mapping capabilities that came with beta7.

But first of all, we would need to define what exactly that “something” is. What should happen? There are many, many things that you can realize with pattern effects, so the more concrete a description of the intended effect, the better. And possibly with an xrns example, so we can hear how the actual effect is intended to sound like?

That’s not entirely true - many commands do work with VST. The small “fx” combo in the pattern editor toolbar can easily tell us which ones that work like that.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is there a link for this? I can check it out, as I’m using the beta

Well, the intended final effect is to be able to alter live sounds using a duplex interface from my nanoKontrol pad. I’d assign sliders and dials in that to various pattern effects: e.g. pitch slide, reverb, distortion, loudness, even maybe some EQ, like pumping up the base, or the treble, and then be able to alter the sounds of the instrument using those sliders; turning effects on/off, and intensifying/de-intensifying on the fly. I’ve already been getting my hands dirty altering the XML files for the nanoKontrol interface.

While I’m at it, I’m also looking for any kind of reference on what pieces of the renoise interface can be accessed with the scripting interface, and by what names, and I haven’t found a reference for that yet. Especially as I’m finding more and more renoise plugins, I’m curious about accessing plugins using the scripting interface as well.

Anyways, any help with any of these things is greatly appreciated. I’m certainly not averse to getting my hands even more dirty.


I guess you could make a sort of ‘hybrid interface’ then, combining the various methods for mapping a controller?

1: Normal MIDI mappings for controlling specific devices like the EQs
2: Modifications to the GlobalMIDIActions.lua for generating pattern-commands on the fly
3: Duplex for large/complex stuff like the mixer

One, because it’s simple and it works. Two, because it’s possible to write a script that ‘does something’, and then add it to the GlobalMIDIActions - this will make it appear as a custom mapping inside the normal MIDI mapping dialog. And finally, three, because it’s entirely possible with the nano to have it running in Renoise and Duplex at the same time.

Uhhh, look here?