Pattern Follow Mode

A while ago somebody mentioned that you can turn off pattern follow mode and I thought Yay, always get anoyed trying to do little changes while listening through a song. Go to have a play with it to discover, to my dismay, that it only stop following the line within a pattern, and doesn’t allow you to edit a seperate song to that which is playing, or change the pattern order of the song on the fly to shorten or extend parts as you feel fit.

What would people think to the pattern follow mode being extended to allowing you to edit a different pattern to that which is currently playing? Should it be always when you turn off pattern follow mode, or should it be a two tier option, whereby you can have it as it currently is, or you can have it as mentioned above?

I have also suggested this before: here. Seems like an easy implementation… but what do I know. Would help me a lot.

Opps sorry. That recently as well :rolleyes: Maybe the threads should be merged/this one deleted?