Pattern Highlighting "error"

Hey there! I have a really annoying “problem” with Renoise. But I think this problem might be more of a ‘feature change’ than an error… A feature that, I in that case, I don’t know how to change. :unsure:

Anyhow, here is a fairly detailed description of my problem + some background.

As you all know, normally, every four lines in a pattern is highlighted, in a slightly different colour, or hue (depending on your chosen theme)

If you want to know exactly which ‘highlight’ I mean, you can simply change the colour setting of “pattern_highlighted_back” in preferences.

(Edit / Preferences / Theme / Category/ Pattern / pattern_highlighted_back)

The problem I am experiencing is that those highlights change when I alter either the song speed (properly named “LPB”) in the GUI, or with the ‘FXXX feature’ in the master track.

This technique is used to make the tune a ‘Jazzy’, or give it a ‘funky feeling’. :yeah: I think it is named ‘Alternating beat’ or whatever…
(feel free to fill me in on that one)

Now, when I make my - funky - music music in Renoise 2.0, those highlights constantly change, and it gets really confusing, really fast ( :blink: )

And, in one tune I recently made, I was forced to change/convert to ‘alternating BPM’ instead of using ‘alternating LPB’!
(Can you guess how long that took to get right? ;))

I use this technique all the time, and I have used it since good old Fasttracker ][, through all versions of Renoise. And the thing is, that I like the oldschool “hands on” approach with “hard coded commands” instead of some automation…

Finally, I never had this problem in the previous versions as you can probably understand from the text above.

>And< any help would be much appreciated!

(PS. This is driving me nuts… DS.)

Go to the song properties -> Pattern/Seq. Highlight, there change the “LPB” marker behind the “Highlight every xx lines” to the amount of lines you want to have highlighted instead.
Now the highlighting remains fixed.

DUUUUUUH!!! No worries. I found it…

Spent half an eternity to get this post as “correct” as possible, and then three minutes later it is defunct! :D

Well, we all need a good laugh sometimes. ;)