Pattern Keepin Mutes/solos Settings In Mind

don’t know - allready suggested?

would be great if every pattern keeps his own solo/mute-track/colum setup in mind. maybe a optional “local solo/mute settings”-mode. if not activated Renoise works in “global”-mode. solo/mute for the song -not for the single pattern.

Sounds like something for the arranger. It will maybe have “dynamic” links where a pattern can be played 2 times but with different automations i.e volume/mute.

ok … let’s say independent solo/mute for every position in the sequencer

hmm, what about next to the NOTE for each position is a little on/off mute- switch where you could mute also just notes of the pattern (as alexander suggested) - of course this information is NOT stored in the pattern itself.

on top of each track you could simply set for the whole track in the pattern mute on or off. that sounds like fun. ;)