Pattern launchpad

It would be so cool to be able to assign keys/midi keys to different patterns, so it would be possible to switch between them with a single key.
Sort of like Ableton Live :slight_smile:

So we can improvise :wink:

I agree. I for one plan on doing some live stuff using Renoise, and i’d be really nice to have some added “live” functionality…

that problem can be solve like in pro hardware, new pattern N goes to the queue. then when you play a pattern and press a midi key (for example) renoise still plays the current and when it’s finished play the pattern you set via the midikey board. when renoise’s not playing everything works immediately.

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would it be ok to do this by learning a ControllerChange on the sequencer with the remotemapper ? this way the controllernumber would simply select the patternnumber.

That would work out pretty well too!
I was thinking more about special screen where we could use computer keyboard keys like a-z A-Z to launch various patterns… so with this screen on computer keyboard would react little different than in normal mode.

Can this be done? I can’t find anything within Renoise to do this, and I googled Renoise + remotemapper and came up with a bunch of old articles.
Is this deprecated now? Is there an alternative for changing patterns on the fly?

Wow this is an old topic, some people have been wanting this for a long time it seems. :ph34r:

would be great with a choice of 1. switching as current… ie jumps to the same line in next pattern as current one. 2. Play till end of current pattern then switch. 3. Sudden restart of next pattern.

The amount of live fiddling would be lovely.