Pattern List And The Centereditingthing In A Pattern-


the pattern list:

  • i think it is better to see the used patterns somewhere in renoise, maybe in in the pattern operations

Coz if you create a seq like this

01 Intro
02 bla
02 bla
06 rev
06 rev
04 bal 2
07 End
more then this offcoz :)

So if you have lots of patterns you need to change the sequencer pattern list! This is bad i think. How can i chek pattern 5?! i need to change my song,
:wacko: this is so disturbing…

Somewhere we need to see the Used (not empty) Patterns! Not only what is in the SimplySEQ.

  • Pattern editing Plus function:
    there is no way to turn off Center line Editing in the pattern editor
    we can turn on/off follow position and wrap
    BUT! If u try to click some where in a pattern u just se one selection box,
    Doubleclik is working but still in the Center Line and Pattern data is hip-hopping up and down and you loose the focus.
    PLease make a button to ON/OFF this CenterEditing Feature, i want to move up and down freely inside a pattern, Like other trackers.
    i need to say again:D Chek Jeskola Buzz and Editing in a pattern.
    I think Registered users are really like it.

Thank you!

nobody want this?

hmmm interesting.

Me does.

for the first one ill wait for any kind of arranger
the second one was discussed a few times.
would like that too.

Any DEV reaction?

I think this is more like general suggestions than beta. There’s been sumthing like that before. Mebbe post it there?