Pattern loop & click select

Hi there,

A few things, I’d like to request options for:

Could you add an option to stop it centering on the selected line when you click, It’s disorientating because your mouse is left where it was whilst the pattern has scrolled. So if I want to edit the effect line, I click, then my mouse is not over where I clicked. So I to have move it again to where I clicked - it’s not a major thing but it slows you down.

Related to that, when in record mode the cursor jumps to the point you click in one click. When you’re not in record mode it requires a double click.
Firstly, why does it work like that? And could you add the option to move directly to the location regardless?

Can you add a setting to stop the loop over a pattern altogether?
I find when I’m working with one pattern it makes it quicker to be able to stop at the top or bottom when I scroll.