pattern loop not working correctly when close to 1/2

Make a 128 longpattern

Execute the script bellow

local loop_start = 1
local loop_end = 60
local transp =
local trnsp_loop_start = transp.loop_start
local trnsp_loop_end = transp.loop_end
 trnsp_loop_start.line = loop_start
 trnsp_loop_end.line = loop_end
 trnsp_loop_start.sequence = transp.edit_pos.sequence
 trnsp_loop_end.sequence = trnsp_loop_start.sequence
local trnsp_loop_range = {trnsp_loop_start, trnsp_loop_end}
 transp.loop_range = trnsp_loop_range

Notice the loop is selected correctly from 0-60

Push play

The loop range is nowset to 1/2, which is 0-64

Execute script again (don’t stop playing)

The loop is now correctly looping from 0-60

Seems to only happen if 1/2 is the closest block loop variant.