Pattern looping with Jack Transport

I’ve described the use case in details in the Beginner’s forum under “Working with patterns”. Basically, as soon as jack sync is enabled (Linux version) then no matter which amount of patterns there are, Renoise will play them and then loop on the last one. This makes it awkward to develop patterns when Renoise plays along tracks recorded in a DAW (Ardour for instance). Well, it actually makes it impossible to do. I’d expect that Renoise would simply loop on all the defined patterns during the playing of the audio tracks from Ardour. Ardour starts the playing. Then it would make it possible to add patterns to Renoise and play the song again, and so on so forth until all patterns are defined for the length of the song. Is this possible under Windows ?

Pressing the loop button does not help. Nor toggling on the small gray vertical bar at the left of each pattern. No matter what, Renoise will play the patterns and then loop on the last one defined.


If you need more “time” in Renoise when syncing it to another host’s timeline, then add more patterns into the Renoise sequence.

We are not looping the whole song but always do loop the last pattern on purpose, to avoid that any changes to the sequence in Renoise (like adding/deleting new patterns) changes the synced playback position. We’d need to “rewrap” the host’s position into the new loop (the duration of the song in Renoise) then, which would be pretty annoying.