Pattern Matrix - Click On Channel Or Block Take To Patterneditor??

Hi, I often find this really nigglesome little niggle with the Pattern Matrix. My logic tells me that clicking on the pattern clip should take the cursor out of follow-mode, and paste the cursor firmly to the pattern editor with full pattern editor focus?
Yet all it does is change the pattern you are playing.

Well, i can understand that you would perhaps expect the pattern editor to appear if e.g. the sample editor is currently visible and that the cursor would be positioned into the track that you clicked on in the PM (that expectation has a solid ground).
But the pattern matrix has areas that supposed to respond on mouseclicks for the pattern matrix itself. With all respect, that is expected behavior even though you (and most others) prefer to control the pattern editor instead.

But here’s my pitch for the idea:
The Escape key switches back to the pattern editor, what if we would pick a different shortcut to specifically switch the focus between the PM and the PE so that when the focus is on the pattern editor, mouse actions in the PM don’t influence the PM but you can simply instantly edit inside the track that you clicked on.
If the PM area could be merged with the PE, that would resolve a whole bunch of these focus issues, but it would also cause problems with copy/paste shortcuts (and other copy/clone shortcuts) that can only be assigned to one specific task per area.

are these

meant to signify burps because you’re drunk? :)


No they are a flaw of the forum’s editor that pops up here and there.
I usually re-edit the stuff and copy and paste it without the
's but this time i’m so fed up with it, i decided to leave them as they are.
Besides, i woke up at 07:39 this morning, so i already had a progressive day today.

I like the burp theory better. It makes for better gossip. :lol: